Religion is a wandering art
whether true or not
serving the will of whoever
wields her.

An unnamed vibration throughout the land
the call to worship, device in hand
And I beheld the opening of the seventh
in which many a mortal did
heads bowed to tiny rectangle altars
before something like light
but ghostly…

Image of highway underpass. Graffiti on a pillar reads: “A NEW WORLD IS POSSIBLE” Photo by the author

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“You can’t free a slave unless he knows he’s in bondage.” ~Dead Prez

We can’t go on like this.

No matter what popped into your head as the antecedent of “this,” you know…

I once had a student who moved like water,
so much so that one day when she came in out of the rain,
I could barely tell where the drops of rain ended and she began.
And when she spoke,
I could barely tell where she ended and her words began.
“I remember something…

I have oh so many words to express
grief and suffering.

I can oh so poetically tell you about
my pain.

I am oh so good at articulating

Here. Check out my latest iteration:

It’s like I’m clinging to a sheer
cliff face,
trying to climb.
And sometimes I do manage to…

I’m not one for waving a banner
or bellowing: LOOK AT ME!

You looked anyway
with a Presence
that had dropped away
enough falsity
to awaken the Presence
in me.
To ignite my courage
to drop away

We’re flipping channels one evening and come across a few minutes of a Trump rally. I can’t decide which disgusts me more: the fact that he’s still holding rallies, or the fact that so many people are still attending them.

I need a palate cleanser after that, so I turn…

I asked God:

“How do I wear beauty with neither arrogance nor apology?”

She answered:

“Like a tree.”

Leah Elliott Hamilton

North Carolina-based writer, editor, teacher, and poet. Author of As If by Magic. Founder of Raw Organic Poetry.

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